Forget about your usual “trainer pushing diet and exercise” speeches and get ready to shake things up. I don’t believe in deprivation diets. I wholeheartedly believe in exercise, but what I believe is neither here nor there regarding finding your answers. I’m more interested in finding out what you believe about it and how you arrived at those beliefs. I happen to be interested in what’s under your person suit. You know, that physical body you currently reside in that you believe requires numerous changes in order to be truly satisfying to you and come on, I know you’re thinking it– others? I’ve got news for you: it’s not YOU! You’re in there, but your body is not YOU. If you can take a moment to perceive your body merely as your person suit, you will be one step closer to being able to unzip yourself from it and acknowledge the empowered energy field that is YOU. Being fit BEYOND form requires understanding and appreciating that your self reaches far beyond the confines of your physical body. And that is just the beginning! The question is: are you ready to go beyond?


I’m LA Holmberg, certified fitness trainer/holistic life coach and energy intuitive empath who strives to encourage the emergence of empowered energy in myself and others. I’m a wife and autism warrior mom, striving to live healthfully while seeking adventure, enlightenment and continued education as to using my motivational wizardry wisely. I use these posts to share what I’ve learned about fitness, nutrition and life strategies, both in my educational training and more importantly, that which I’ve picked up on the road trip of life.

On the woowoo side (where you will most often find me) I see myself as a wounded healer  whose mission is to help others. To say I get you is an understatement. If I’ve been there/done that, with scars to show for it, it’s laid on my heart to share my stories, if only to make even one person know they’re not alone in those this time I really effed things up moments. We all f**k up. Some people are just quieter about it than others. I don’t happen to be one of the quiet ones. 😉 If you’re stuck and don’t know why, you’re the only one who can find your answers. But that doesn’t mean you have to seek them alone. You’re never behind and you’re always on time. In fact, forget time. Forget clocks, calendars, years, days, minutes and seconds. Operate with the faith that you will be given all you need to do what it is you’re meant to do and quit looking at your watch. Forget what you thought you knew and you’ll begin to remember what you once knew for sure before the world convinced you of things you’re no longer sure of that only serve to drain your precious energy. Did you get all that? Doesn’t matter. Messages that are intended for you will be received by you. What you don’t have peace with or comprehension of, simply leave behind. It’s not meant for you to waste energy on. My posts are meant to invite conversation and connection, so feel free to comment where indicated. I welcome your input and appreciate whatever wizardry you’ve been gifted with. If you weren’t aware up until now that you even possessed such a thing, you’ve come to the right place. It’s your time to be shown. 😎


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