Accessing #beastmode

I’m going to be honest with you: I don’t wake up most days before 4 a.m. raring to hit my workout hard. Or hit my workout at all. The only thing I feel like doing is crawling back into bed. This is why I’ve learned not to let myself feel at this time of the day. Or think. Instead, I shift into autopilot mode, and shuffle with my half-shut eyes off to the kitchen for my beloved cup of coffee while repeating my 6 word mantra that will be repeated many times before I’m ready to hit it: “Don’t think, don’t feel, just GET.” I don’t allow the present me to have a say in the situation by thinking or feeling, but instead tap into the future me: the coach within that has its eyes on what I want MOST as opposed to what I want NOW. But since my present self longs to have its desires considered as well, and an unwillingness to do so may result in a rebellious backlash, I acknowledge and respond by making deals.

I’ve learned to treat myself with no less consideration than I’d treat a client. Therefore, when it comes to the workout habit, I offered my present self the same deal I’ve offered anybody I ever worked out with, which is as follows: “If we get done with this workout and you wish you’d stayed in bed, you never have to do it again.” Not surprisingly, nobody, including myself, ever gets done and wishes that. This method is effective for any new habit or practice you aspire to put into place. It merely requires you to assess the goal of your future self, acknowledge the desire of your present self, and allow the coach of your inner self to cut a deal that takes all of those needs into consideration.

My inner coach knows all of my “selves” and understands what it takes to motivate me into action.

 Your inner coach knows you just as well. You simply need to tap into it and begin to utilize the empowerment that is available to you. Your future self is relying on it and your inner coach is ready to deal.

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