Energy in 7- Try it!


What I love about the 7 minute workout is that if you’re currently doing a workout, you can add it in. If you’re not doing any kind of a workout, it’s a great way to begin working out. (*always get a doctor’s go-ahead before beginning any kind of workout program*) It doesn’t require any equipment besides a chair and the moves are easy to understand. And yes- it WILL consistently kick your ass if you’re putting your all into it. Watch this (or one of the other many 7 minute workout videos available) to acclimate yourself to the moves before getting started. Then read below for my tips to make it even more enjoyable 🙂


Hubby and I add the 7 minute workout into our routine 3 days a week. We downloaded the free iphone app (you’ll find this right in the app store on your phone) and set it up where we can see/hear the countdown. (It won’t take long before you’ve memorized all the moves, but it’s helpful in the beginning especially, to hear/see the counts while you work) To really kick it up and make it fun, you need the right music! This will depend on your own tastes, but feel free to borrow my two song choices until you find your own that work well and time out with the routine. As a music lover, I have many, but these 2 are my favorites for this routine. I LOVE these two songs and cannot sit still when I hear them. When choosing your music, that’s what you’re going for!

Yeah! I’m pumped just hearing them! And just when AC/DC is singing “Yeah, it’s alright. We’re doing fine- fine fine THUNDERSTRUCK.” you have finished up and are sweating and breathing hard. You’ve kicked ass. You’re hot and ready. For what? Well, that’s up to you 😉 The point is, whatever is next YOU CAN DO THAT TOO. 7 minutes is your launching pad. Make the investment.

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