Be Like Water

How do you become like water? You throw yourself into the middle of the circumstance or situation and flow, letting go of expectation and emotion while you learn to drift. For most of us this will not come naturally. Do not become discouraged. That only means you will more fully appreciate the wonder of the freedom this process brings once you embrace it.

I live in an area where we experience all four seasons, which I enjoy. What I don’t enjoy as much, is the part where spring, summer, and fall each get 2 months and winter gets 6. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration technically speaking, but since snow sometimes starts flying by October and may be still hitting us in April, it feels like winter overstays its welcome more often than not. It is my intention that once my children are grown and our situation allows, hubby and I will head for sunnier pastures during the months of January through March. But in the meantime, I take my workout outside each day and I adapt. It has been my experience that nothing is as formidable as it seems once you throw yourself into the midst of it and cold, wintry weather is no exception. It always looks worse looking out at it from inside than it does when you’re in it. Why? Because when you’re in it, you’re in it. You become a part of it, rather than a resistant bystander. When you become part of it and allow yourself to be embraced by it, you become a benefactor of its strength and power. The physical and psychological (your heart and head) feed from this strength and align themselves accordingly, empowering you to adapt. As I’ve told you before: when you’re meant to do something, you will always be given what you need to do it. Always. 

It’s not for me to say whether an outdoor winter workout is meant for you or not. That is not what this is about. The way that is meant for you must be deciphered by you, using the tools we’ve discussed in earlier posts. I’m also not encouraging you to conform to try to become something you’re not for the sake of being the “same”. Adapting, whether it be in regard to your workout, the weather, your relationships, your job, etc… is an essential practice that will serve to empower you. Whatever your struggle is today, I urge you to stop fighting against it and instead jump right into the middle of it. Let yourself flow and receive its energy. It may just give you the resolution you’ve been looking for.

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