Try it: 100 Push-ups a day challenge

I know 100 sounds like a lot when you see it in print like that, especially when we’re talking about push-ups, but let me assure you- it’s totally doable and you’re going to feel like a beast within a week of beginning. Wait- you do want to feel like a beast, right? I guess I just assumed given my love of feeling beastly, that everybody felt the same. Okay, feel like a beast or don’t, nobody ever got done with a set of push-ups and regretted it. At least nobody I know.

This challenge began in my household last month when hubby suggested it. As if I’d say no! My husband and I happen to be very competitive with each other (personally, I believe he starts it and that I would be all sweetness and light if he didn’t take us there) but for better or worse, this dynamic (an area Harville Hendrix would suggest we need healing) does tend to fuel our fitness efforts. And so the push-up challenge began! Some days I’m done with mine by 8am, other days I don’t finish until the evening, but with the exception of a day off here and there, we’ve kept it up. There’s also the race to see who sticks their gold star on the calendar first upon completion, but in this last month, I do believe some healing may have occurred because we have been very sportsmanlike regarding the placement of stars, and have stopped baiting the other with comments like, “oh, you’ve still got 25 to do? I had mine done this morning.” Growth people. Personal, fu*king growth. 🙂

There are no rules. Do as few or as many as you are able to at a time without compromising your form. Listen to your body and push when you need to push and back off when you need a rest. If you’re just beginning and can only do one push-up at a time, no problem! Do that one, rest for a bit, then get back down and do it again. With practice, that one will become easier each day and you’ll gradually increase your sets. Stick with it and you’ll amaze yourself in no time. Feel free to share your progress in the comments. I welcome your input!


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