Pain: BRING IT -here’s why

I’m not going to sugarcoat this, nor am I going to drag out the message because it’s been laid on my heart that its delivery today is crucial to many. Therefore, we’re going to simplify it down to a snack-size wisdom morsel that I want you to pack up, stick inside the pocket of your being and pull out every time something -anything- is putting the hurt on you.

“Pain is fueling my journey.”        -LA Holmberg

It’s a mantra to be repeated (and repeated and repeated again and again, until it’s oozing from your pores!) in moments where pain threatens to paralyze your course of action. A mantra is an effective means of overriding previously instilled thoughts, many of which are not currently serving you on your journey. Throughout our lives we have been convicted with the notion that pain is something to be avoided at all costs. We’ve carried the belief for so long that most of us never even think to question it. But we should. We should question everything! Only then can we decipher what is, for ourselves- the individual. We can choose to take what outwardly seems negative and make it work for us, instead of becoming a prisoner to its command. And pain is a perfect example of my belief in utilizing, rather than slaying, your beasts. My reasoning being that only that which is mighty enough to appear to potentially threaten our undoing is, for that very reason, powerful enough to transport us to our next level of evolvement.

I urge you to see any pain you encounter as you go through your day with new eyes as you repeat (and repeat and repeat!) the mantra. Focusing on what is being shown to you rather than the discomfort you’re feeling will bring you enlightenment, allowing you to use negative external situations to your advantage. Whether it’s

  • The co-worker that makes your job twice as difficult
  • A critical friend or partner
  • an illness, diagnosis, health concern, or injury
  • a life challenge that’s weighing heavy on your heart
  • financial crisis or burdens
  • past trauma that’s surfacing in an effort to bring about healing

Regardless of the beast you may be facing today, I ask that you take with you the following knowledge: YOU hold the reins to this and every other beast that comes your way on your journey. Expect them to present in the form of an enemy while they do their work, but anticipate them falling at your feet once you’ve done yours.

dragon ride

We will be revisiting the topic of pain often as it is continually relevant.

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