Finding your answers


Do you believe this mixture is bad or good or has power over you? If you’ve read my post When A Cookie Is More Than A Cookie  I hope you’ve been led to see it simply as food. Is it nutritious or necessary for your survival? No. It is what it is: candy. Candy exists in this world. You exist in this world. The goal is to form a method of coexistence that brings you peace. Deprivation dieting is not a method that brings most people peace. Forcing yourself to do a workout you don’t enjoy won’t bring you peace, nor will staying at a job or in relationships that deplete your Spirit. Finding answers that are uniquely tailored to your needs is what will bring you peace. Whether it’s answers related to your body, life, or being, you won’t find them without looking.

Finding your answers may require you to turn over some stones in your life that have thus far gone unconsidered. For instance, most people believe their weight problem or body dissatisfaction has a specific cause and they will tell me this cause when we first meet. They will then tell me what they believe their solution is (“if I just could make myself do the right kind of exercise to be rid of this belly.” or “if I only had the self-control to not snack at night.” or “I just haven’t been given the right diet to follow. If I had the right one that would work for me, I know I could lose the weight for good.” or my personal favorite: “I just need a fitness trainer to make me do what I should be doing.”  If we were working one on one together, I would listen to what you were telling me, because these are your truths as you believe them and are important in their own right, but I would be paying closer attention to the things you don’t realize you’re telling me when you don’t believe you’re telling me anything at all but I’m being shown more than you know. And that’s the magic part. I get shown what I need to see and then I can aid someone in finding their blocks. It is my belief that we all have this magic if we choose to put it to work for us. So what if I can’t explain how it works?! I can’t explain how the DVR works either but that doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from having it record a show for me. What I’m saying is that you don’t need to hire someone else to gain understanding and insight about yourself. Is it helpful, if you’re in a position to do so? Certainly, but it’s as I will say over and over again until it sticks: you have everything you need to get everything you want. And why is this mantra necessary? Because I need to hear it as much as you do. Our work within is not a job that will ever reach completion. Completion is not the goal! Enlightenment is. 

So how do you begin to uncover the insights about yourself that will lead to your answers? Start by slowing down and paying attention to yourself and what you’re being shown. Learn to practice mindfulness as you go about your day and be open-minded about what you see. Afford yourself the same interest you would give a stranger that you desire getting to know. Pay attention to any incidents that trigger a reaction (happiness, anger, sadness, empathy, indifference, etc…) within you and consider them, rather than judge or automatically label them as good or bad. Forget good or bad and right or wrong for this exercise and ask instead what your reactions are telling you. Ask for answers. Continue to ask and have faith that you’ll be shown what you need to know as you need to know it. You don’t need to know how your magic works. You just need to believe it does. 

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