Behind my 6 word mantra

Early morning is my favorite time of the day. I’ve always been an earlier riser, but that said, I’ve always found 4-6 am to be an especially sensitive time of day. Combine this  with my heightened sense of smell and empathic abilities and you have a recipe for a potential early morning emo breakdown, should the potent mixture of scent, music, picture, etc. trigger a sad memory or feeling. Growing up as a teenager, sharing one bathroom among 7 family members required careful planning to get everybody out the door in time on weekdays. By choice I had the 5am slot, and I remember my 15 year old self listening to the radio while lathering my hair with Agree shampoo. 14 and 15 were particularly turbulent, adolescent-growing-up-and-becoming-involved-in-things-I-wasn’t-actually-mature-enough-for years for me and those emotions will forever be tattooed on my brain in the smell of Agree shampoo and the Neil Diamond song September Morn.  Luckily, Agree shampoo went off the market (because yes, even though it makes me sad, I’d still be driven to smell it- don’t ask me why. Probably for the same reason I can’t trust myself not to touch an electric fence, she says, shrugging with the same WTF? bewilderment that you’re probably experiencing now. But I digress…) As for the Neil Diamond song, I just listened to it, and yes, it still makes me emotional. Maybe it’s the lyrics, maybe it’s the piano, maybe it’s just the Neil Diamond-ness of the whole thing. I have always loved and felt him there in his music. Or maybe it’s the fact that I knew then, as I know now, how love and missing someone can hurt like hell. Obviously, if scents and songs are tattooed in your heart, it’s not a far cry to understand the effect people you love have on you. But enough already! The purpose of this post was not to bring everybody down, but instead to prepare you for my video. Although, if the purpose was to prove to you why I know better than to allow my thoughts to wander, I have done just that! Feely people especially need to direct their thoughts on purpose. This means mantras, acronyms, or any other tools that put your ass where it needs to be rather than letting your mind take you on a one way trip down the spiral staircase of emotional thinking that leads you to the basement of despair. Don’t get me wrong- we can still enjoy some Neil Diamond and even a walk down memory lane every so often. Just don’t let it derail you. We superheroes have work to do. So get after it!





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