Quieting the logical mind

Actually, I’m not even sure if it’s the “logical” mind that I’m talking about as much as the human side of our nature that seems magnetically drawn to mimic the behaviors of our peers and deem these practices a favorable formula for us to emulate. Logical seems a subjective term, because perhaps you don’t consider following the herd mentality to be logical at all. Perhaps you have been made aware of the fact that this type of logic is the type that you are not meant to subscribe to. It has been revealed to me on several occasions, that is the category I am to fall under. The not being led by human logic category. I have also been made aware repeatedly that my human nature will resist falling into this category and therefore will be at constant odds with my spiritual side, which is persistently working to guide me away from what the world influences me to think and toward what my intuitive Higher Spirit is trying to show me.

In these days of social media and constant “virtual” interconnectedness, it is more challenging than ever to maintain focus on what you are being told within when the world voices are an ever-intruding presence; a constant threat to your peace. As an empath, (before I was aware that there was an actual name for why I was the way I was) I struggled when dealing with others to figure out where it was that they ended and I began. The bright spot (in addition to being able to feel and absorb the healing energy that flows so freely from trees, grass, and all the wonderful elements the outdoors provides) is that after being in most people’s presence, I feel the light in them. There’s always light. It is sometimes much less obvious in some than others, but it is always there somewhere. Sometimes there is so much pain and trauma blocking it that it is not as easily detected, but if I allow myself to be open, I will be made aware of it. That’s also the dark spot (for me) because once I’ve been made aware of it, there’s no telling me that this (the light) is not who you really are. Therefore, I’m generally in a state of seeing the capacity and potential of who I “see” someone to actually be, when perhaps they personally have no interest or inclination in rising to that potential. And that is their decision. Trust my word on this (because it has taken me a PAINFULLY LONG TIME of much human trial and error to “GET” it) you can’t take someone else where they don’t want to go. Even when you feel you believe in them enough for the both of you, and you already KNOW THEY HAVE EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO GET THERE BECAUSE YOU SEE IT!! Butthat is not my role. And yes, I best say it again to remind myself: my role is to encourage the emergence of another’s own empowered energy. 

I have realized that any time I am feeling a sense of dissatisfaction or impatience with my own life, it’s because I have allowed myself to be distracted by what the world is telling me I should, would, or could be doing, instead of staying focused on that which I know has been laid on my heart and continuing to do that until I am instructed otherwise. When I note this dissatisfaction in others toward aspects of the lives they’re living, it generally arises from the same place, further cementing my belief that we need to change our perception. What if we realized and were comfortable with rather than competitive or combative about the fact that we all have different gifts, different responsibilities and different mindsets for a reason? A world where we acknowledged that there was not one correct path, but actually, an infinite amount, and we encouraged one another to seek any path they were guided to? Perhaps then we would eliminate the worldly worry that we “may be on the wrong path” and instead focus on the fact that our simply being on it MAKES it the right path. Unquestionably. Every time.


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