Fearful? Plug in and power up

Religion in and of itself is not for me. I rarely identify with it and my natural tendency is to shy away from organizations or structures that are based around rigid rules and rituals that often cause others to feel excluded. I mean no disrespect to those who find strength and comfort in it. I’m just saying that it’s not for everybody. This is not to say that I don’t believe in God, because I do believe in a power source that I’ve often referred to as God, simply out of habit and conditioning. But I’ve come to wonder why this force would be referred to as a “him” since gender is of the physical world. Why must we confine our belief to a gender when they are not a he or she but instead an ALL? Perhaps you believe differently. Perhaps you have a different God, or religion, or Higher Power. Perhaps you are indifferent to the matter entirely. I am not here to dispute that, in fact, quite the opposite. It doesn’t matter what you call your power supplier, but it is my belief that if you are working to become fit beyond your form, the acknowledgement that there is a power higher than you at work in your life will fuel your endeavors. Why? Because understanding that you are more than a physical body requires that you first understand that you were created for a purpose and it is no accident that you are here. You are a magnificent being of light who has special gifts to offer the world. It’s virtually impossible to come to that realization without accepting that you are not in control of everything, an endeavor made easier by understanding there’s a source you’re relinquishing this control to. Moving forward also requires letting go of the need for validation from other people and finding strength in your higher power will allow you that fortitude. It is also necessary on this journey to have faith in that which you cannot see that will many times not make sense to your rational mind. Only then are you afforded the gift of understanding that just because you can’t always see the way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. What appears impossible for you to achieve on your own is not impossible through your power source.

There is an energy source high above and beyond you that will propel you to move forward toward your destiny if you choose to plug into it. As I said, I don’t think it matters at all what we call this force. One of the reasons I’m hesitant to exclusively call it God is simply because the word itself often carries with it the tremendous baggage of preconceived thoughts, opinions, fears, beliefs, etc… that minds and hearts become closed to exploring a gift that was meant to be accepted by us freely- unconditionally. Unconditional love is a very difficult concept for many of us to grasp. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced glimpses of the divine that have communicated this love to me, allowing me to grasp that true unconditional love is not of this world. And neither is this force. And neither are we! We’re simply visitors here, gifted with a physical body in which to take this journey. Don’t concern yourself with grasping the hows and whys of “how it all works”. Take with you if you will, the understanding that you are a part of something greater than what you could possibly conceive of on your own and that force beats within you. But you must plug into it by believing. That belief cannot come from another person urging you do to do so, but only by tuning into the higher voice within, whispering YOUR truths, that is attempting to be heard. When you begin to quiet yourself from the cacophony of the external world, listening to it will become much easier.

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  1. Good morning Lisa ,I am so glad you are well ,I realized you disappeared from Twitter I was concerned so signed to your news letters I miss the loud ROAR but will read this now
    andrew@thelistener in the UK take care 🙏


  2. It’s good to hear from you Andrew! I appreciate your concern and am happy that you signed up. Who knows, I may be roarrrring on some videos here soon, so stay tuned! Glad to have you aboard!


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