“One- nothing wrong with me. Two- nothing wrong with me…”

“Three-nothing wrong with me. Four-nothing wrong with me… (Drowning Pool- Bodies)

This is one of my favorite songs to turn up LOUD and work up a good sweat to when I need to get out of myself. Out of my head. Out of my skin. I know there are others out there (and yes, we often have an immediate kinship and recognition upon meeting) who feel the same. When the body feels as heavy on your Spirit as a weighted wet blanket and you want to come up for air but you’re stuck inside.

“One-something’s got to give. Two-something’s got to give. Three-something’s got to give NOWWWWW!! Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor…”

My body. My vehicle for this lifetime on Earth and I appreciate it. But there are times when it feels HEAVY. Oppressive. I want to leap out and fly away. But I can’t. Not while I’m in this body. So I run, or walk, or lift, or jump, or dance. I move and it takes me outside of myself and reminds me that I am still in here. And while I have a body that I’m grateful for, the whole of who I am extends far beyond that and it’s essential that I reach in, grab onto it and soar. Let the body hit the floor. I’m up in the clouds…

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    1. I am in total agreement with you, Stuart! AND you’ve nailed it on never feeling worse than you did before going in. That very truth is the reasoning behind the deal I made with myself decades ago and offered up to anyone who ever worked out with me: “If we get done with this and you wish you’d never started, you never have to do it again.” That has yet to happen. I’ve learned not to ask myself how i’m feeling ahead of time- that’s NOT the time for examining feelings. AFTER I’ve left the emotion, insecurity, self-doubt and fear in a puddle of sweat on the workout room floor/field/woods/road (location or “type” of workout matters not) THEN I ask how I’m feeling. And I say, “well thank you for asking, Ms. Lisa. I do believe I am feeling DAMN FINE!! 🙂

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