You’re plenty enough- Part 1

I was essentially told this morning to “drop this and zip it”🤐 giving you ample opportunity to digest the message and interpret it in a way that most serves you as you gear up and greet the day. In what way does “you don’t have to be superior to be significant” speak to you? Consider your individual message, then please join me for Part 2.

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  1. Are you saying that someone didn’t like your sign and they wanted you to stop using it? Or was this during a meeting? While context is not essential–because I don’t like being told to zip it in any context–I might understand a bit more of this story.


    1. Thanks for your query Anthony. No denying the lack of context- (the upcoming Part 2 will fill in the blanks) that was a deliberate measure on my part not to influence the reader’s interpretation of the message so that they might shape it for themselves. It’s a life-coaching drill. When I say I was told to “zip it”, I don’t mean from a person, I’m alluding to the universe (or God, higher power, spiritual realm- however one chooses to view the “ALL”). I guess you could say it was a “meeting” because I refer to the divine guidance I receive as my Board Of Divine Directors (BODD). In this case I don’t mind being told to zip it because I welcome and am not offended by their input. The energy behind all communication with the spirit realm is one of love and aid, and when ideas are communicated, it’s not they were communicated in words, but rather a “knowing”. In other words, it was communicated to me to be brief. This is shown to me as a zipper on mouth. I’ll leave it at that for now. My tendency to be wordy is a liability when it comes to serving others and therefore it’s an area I’m working on. And the work continues! lol

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