You’re plenty enough- Part 2

If you can become aware that you are enough AS IS, then you do as you do with purpose behind the DOING rather than the BEING. That is to say, you have grasped the understanding that your being is not reliant on your doing, because your being already IS.

The mantra “You don’t have to be superior to be significant” was given to me as a reminder thwack from the universe to be used when I find myself in a position where I feel inferior to others, as well as those, yes they happen, cringeworthy moments when I realize I’m unconsciously trying to appear superior to another. It’s a reminder that one human being is no “better” than another. These better or worse “levels” of human aren’t real, they’re simply a conditioned belief that the world has drummed into our consciousness since we got here. If you’ve never thought to question its validity, consider doing so now. What if there WERE no better or worse? Take away the factors that the world employs in configuring your “value” (appearance, intelligence, financial status, etc…) and what is left? The part that is left is actually the only part that cannot be taken away from you. This part cannot be measured.

You are significant in your simply BEING. If you were never able to “do” another thing, your significance would not cease to exist. You’re ALREADY there! Having awareness of our own significance isn’t designed to encourage stagnation of mind or idleness of body, but to fuel us in our quest to seek and to strive for more, understanding that the true intention behind this pursuit is not actually to be “better” than one another or even “better” than we already were, but simply to grow stronger in our being. The being that already is. That being is plenty enough- AS IS.

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