Weight loss on your goal list? Then say goodbye to these 5 things:

A new year is almost here, and with that, many will begin as they begin every new year, with resolutions. I’m not one of them (I do this instead) but I’m not knocking you if you are. I love fresh starts and I absolutely love the idea of a fresh new year in front of me as much as I love a blank new planner/binder and a fine point black ink pen. This may be a digital world and though I subscribe to and appreciate it, my heart’s in the ink on paper method. I like the feel of writing. But let’s get back on track. If I was one to make resolutions, it would be to remember what Brendon Burchard said:

Remember to keep the main thing the MAIN THING.

-Brendon Burchard

And the main thing is weight loss. We’re talking a new year, a new you and dammit, you want those pounds off and you want them off yesterday! Well, you would anyway, if having it off yesterday hadn’t meant setting aside that glass of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum laced eggnog (my personal pre-sobriety holiday time favorite) and putting down the bowl of homemade (yes, homemade ONLY and NOT with the pre-mixed flavor packet. FROM-SCRATCH-HOMEMADE ONLY) Chex Mix (oh how ILuvUILuvUILuvU) *Recipe note- make vegan by subbing Miyoko’s in place of the butter and a mixture of half Organic soy sauce/half A1 Steak Sauce in place of the Worcestershire Sauce* I’m sorry, I just remembered the MAIN THING was not Chex Mix. In whose world? 😉 But I digress… The point is, the new year is here and you’re ready to be done with the drinks and chex mixes of the world and rid your cupboards of all the junk that’s keeping you fat. And we’ve all got junk in our cupboards, friends. So much junk that it’s blocking many of our efforts at wellness- not just the weight related issues. Because you see, it’s all connected. Body-Mind-Being: each affects the other. Work them simultaneously and they serve to complement and support one another, empowering your endeavor. Attempt to separate them and the power behind your efforts is diminished. You’ve probably guessed by now that the cupboards I’m speaking of are not the ones you’ll find in your kitchen and that the “fat” involved doesn’t solely reside on your body. But stay with me here! Understanding that you’re looking to get rid of the fat in your life is what will AID you in getting rid of the fat on your body. It’s ALL connected, remember? And you’re going to begin by cleaning your cupboards of five things:

Hmm, the first 5 and not a food to be found. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I’m not concerned with what foods you’ve got in your kitchen cupboards. We’re not there yet. Yep, you heard me right. I’m not concerned with what foods are in your kitchen cupboard at this time. In case you needed to check on my credentials after such a controversial statement such as that, you’ll find them here. I assure you I know my stuff, but my approach is my own, with my main intention being to guide you in understanding how to coach yourself with whatever you have, wherever you are, in any situation you find yourself in. There is NO once and done. Not with your workout, not with your diet, not with your relationships, not with your jobs, not with your education, not with ANYTHING in life of true importance. And we’ll get to that. But we start by tackling the first 5. We’ll delve into why and how in the next post.

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