Discarding the FIVE 1)self-hatred

Happy New Year! If you read the last post, you’re ready to get down to the business of discarding the first five. I love discarding! Discarding is the new collecting. Or should be anyway. But that’s a post of its own, so we won’t go there today, but suffice it to say that letting go signals to the universe to let something new in. In other words- you’ve got some skin in the game when you make it clear that you’re willing to give up what doesn’t serve you in order to make room for that which does. It’s an act that signifies to yourself and the universe: “I MEAN BUSINESS.” So let’s shout it with Idina: “Let it go, let it GO…”

Unfortunately as with many things, there’s more talk about self-love than action. Love is damn tricky- be it self-love, love of others, our attempts at unconditional love (which in my opinion is nearly if not completely an impossible feat to master while in human form in this realm, but again, I’ll save that lament…) and just love in general. Depending on which musical artist you take it from, love either bites, stinks, hurts, is a many splendored thing, is a battlefield, is a burning thing, is driving me crazy, grows where my Rosemary goes, is accidental, remains the same, etc.. You get where I’m going so I’ll just sneak in my personal favorite of what love is: a wave in the air/ a line in the sky. And that’s not just any love mind you, but Radar Love, and THAT is a magical kind that needs a whole post, if not an entire blog! dedicated to the complexity of its simplicity. In other words, it’s so instinctive that it just IS, defying both the words to describe it and your attempts to prevent it. As I said before, it’s magical, but I never said it was always convenient as far as meshing with your day-to-day-on-this-planet life- as is often the case with soul connections. But I digress… As I said, love is tricky! But it’s essential. And loving yourself properly is the foundation for every other soul workout placed in your path. Don’t throw your hands up in despair if it doesn’t come naturally to you- it doesn’t for most of us. Instead, see it as just another under-utilized muscle in your body: make it your focus and train it.

Training in self-love begins by eliminating ALL hating on self. Now, I’ll be honest with you: you are not aware at this time of many of the ways you subject yourself to self-induced hatred. Therefore, it’s essential that you understand that you’re not expected to grasp it all at once. Awareness generally comes in small bites so that you won’t choke on it. Although if you’re anything like me, there may be some sputtering anyway. 😉 I’m starting you with ONE training exercise. It’s going to sound easy but it will most likely end up stretching your awareness beyond what you initially believe it will. Here it is: NO THINKING OF OR SPEAKING NEGATIVELY TO AND/OR ABOUT YOURSELF– Not one word, neither out loud nor in your head. Replace the negative with a kind and understanding statement like you’d offer to your child or a friend. I.E. instead of a “what were you thinking, Lisa?” rebuke, a replacement thought would be something like, “now you know what NOT to do. Great job getting that out of the way!” That’s your start. Don’t concern yourself with what will follow- that happens organically. We start with one and work on one. Each additional one will show itself by unfolding before you in its time. Just a heads up to those who said: “but I can’t help what I think!” OH YES YOU CAN. (click HERE for more on that) You have the ability to think your thoughts ON PURPOSE. If you weren’t aware of it before this, let me assure you now that it’s merely another underused muscle to train. You just didn’t know it. But now you do. So you can’t UN-know it. Begin.

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