Discarding the FIVE 2)Time frames

Left to my own devices, I’m fast. I walk fast, talk fast, and if I allow myself to become ungrounded, an unconstrained thought stream starts surging through my head so fast that I forget to breathe and may hyper myself into a frenzy. That’s with minimal caffeine intake. Add in an overabundance of caffeine and let’s just say self-destruction (as in the Mission Impossible type, by which the mode of message delivery terminates itself once its message is heard) may very well become a possibility. So if slow ANYTHING is a challenge for you, you’re preaching to the choir brothers and sisters! Fortunately for all of us, slowing your ass down in every area where need be doesn’t have to come naturally to you (a term you’ll eventually learn to laugh at and stop expecting in your life due to its flagrant inaccuracy in actually being a thing) for you to utilize and benefit from it. We TRAIN it into being. You knew that was coming, didn’t you?

How do you forget time frames? Simple! You put your focus on the work rather than your expectations of what you believe you should be receiving from said work. I’ll put it this way: instead of an attitude of “I’d better see __________ (result) by ___________ (time period) or I quit!” The attitude becomes one of “I am mastering DOING THE WORK. I’m badass!” Perhaps I should offer my usual disclaimer here: I said it was simple- I didn’t say it was easy. This shift in attitude is not popular with the world. Nobody wants to hear about the part they’re going to DO, they want to be assured of the part they’re going to GET. I made peace many moons ago with the fact that I couldn’t in good conscience engage in a give them what they want to hear mentality in order to attract clients. I can’t encourage others to strengthen their standing in your truth muscle if I’m not committed to standing in my own. You’ll quickly become accustomed to the fact that popularity and conventionality are rarely part of my process. 🙂 The truth that I stand in is that though you can very easily choose to focus on results obtained during a specific time frame, this is addressing the matter at hand and making it about “the finish” rather than showing you the whole picture. I can’t truly help you in regards to your body if you believe your body is exclusive from everything else. It’s very much the way Ananda More describes homeopathy in a recent edition of the OM Times:

It would be like disconnecting the wire to the check engine light on your car and carrying on driving rather than figuring out WHY the engine light has come on.

-Ananda More

Your check engine light is on. Do you want to disconnect the wire to the light so that you can pretend nothing is amiss in order to get back on the road faster? Or do you want to get under the hood and spend whatever time is required to mindfully assess everything your vehicle needs to be in prime condition to withstand the entirety of your journey? As with everything, it’s up to you.

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