Want answers? SEEK them

I’m magnetically drawn to a free-spirited personality. I enjoy a free-thinking-go-ahead-and-call-me-crazy-for-going-against-the-norm-because-I-can’t-NOT-go-against-the-norm individual. These are the people I most admire and learn from. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate, because I believe we potentially have something to learn from everybody, but I will say that often these are people who are so familiar to me in their being that much of what they offer resonates in such a way that it’s as if they’re reminding me of something I already knew but logically speaking, couldn’t possibly know. I put it this way to a dear friend of mine once: “You’re reminding me of a conversation we haven’t actually had yet.” Have I veered too far into the woowoo for you? Past life, alternate reality, other dimensions? Who’s to say? 🙂 The point is, the universe is telling me to pay attention and I’m saying, GLADLY.

If you haven’t yet heard of Dave Asprey, he’s the Bulletproof Coffee guy who’s known as “The Father of Biohacking”. I admire that he’s not afraid to seek his own answers. Period. From buttered coffee to fasting, the fact that he’s been criticized publicly for his lack of medical degree or nutritional training doesn’t deter him from continuing his ongoing research and development. In his case, he happens to have the financial resources to employ qualified specialists and experts in the areas he’s researching, but more importantly he possesses the open-minded willingness required to be his own case study. In doing so, he’s tried out an array of unconventional methods to “hack his own biology”, originally with the goal of lasting, realistically obtained weight loss, and currently for optimal overall wellness and longevity. I may not agree with some of his methods, and I doubt I’d want to live to be 180 years old myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect his right to aim for that goal, or that I don’t appreciate what he’s attempting to do: find alternate methods that have proven successful to him and share them with the public. And this is where the critics come in: He’s sharing and he’s not an expert. There will be echoes of “quack” and accusations of “minimal scientific evidence”. I find this almost as amusing as I do irritating and here’s why: unless we’re being forced to read a person’s book and submit to the experimental methods they’re endorsing, why is it an issue? At what point do we understand and acknowledge each of our OWN responsibility in assessing what is healthy and beneficial to our own wellbeing instead of taking the word of another and blindly following along, only to finger point in blame when it doesn’t work, or worse yet, has negative consequences?

Seek your own answers. Don’t take my or anybody else’s word completely for anything. If something resonates for you, dig deeper and investigate it for yourself. Respecting yourself means taking responsibility and being accountable for what you expose yourself to in every area of your life. I like my “expert advise” the same way I like my food buffets: a little from here, a little from there, a lot from here, maybe none from here... Before digging in wholeheartedly, best to try a little bite at a time so it’s easier to swallow or even spit out for those times it wasn’t a wise choice. Though I fully advocate and model a willingness to become uncomfortable in every area of your life- be it standing in a cold shower or letting go of a security blanket, that doesn’t mean going along with anything you don’t have peace with. My main intention is not to convince you to do what I do but to encourage you in trusting the coach within that’s attempting to communicate your needs to you. That still, small voice within that nobody else can hear. Because they’re not meant to. You are. If you choose to listen to it.

4 thoughts on “Want answers? SEEK them

    1. That means a lot to me Bill. I appreciate your open-mindedness and am so thankful if anything I’ve shared has helped in your life. We have the Spirit realm to thank. I’m grateful when I can serve as a vessel.


  1. Oh yeah, I totally get that small voice thing, because it really is small. But it also whispers the most beneficial things, and if you learn how to listen to it, you’ll definitely go far. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I completely agree. If only it wouldn’t have taken me so long to not only listen to it, but to trust it above the voices of “the crowd”. Then again, I couldn’t have gotten here without having gone through there. All part of the journey. Thank you for your comment!


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