The BEYOND part

Fit BEYOND form- what DOES that mean? I have a multitude of definitions, but simply put, if I’m going to sum it up with attitude I’d put it like this: the understanding that while making the size and shape of your ass isn’t the priority, prioritizing your entire BEING will have an effect on the size of your ass. EVERYTHING affects your body, and everything is affected by your body and your mind, which then either enhances or diminishes your experience in being. I can only speak for myself here, but I’d prefer not to diminish my experience and I’ve blessedly, humbly! been shown that the surest way not to do so is keep these 3 words at the forefront of my brain: I DON’T KNOW. Oh wait, add in these 13 more: AND I KNOW I DON’T KNOW, SO TEACH ME WHILE I SHUT UP. While I may once have said that I needed to learn, my journey has taught me that as much as there is to learn, it has been equally as necessary to UNlearn. Or, to quote Adam Grant:

“Intelligence is traditionally viewed as the ability to think and learn. Yet in a turbulent world, there’s another set of cognitive skills that might matter more: the ability to re-think and unlearn.”

Adam Grant

There’s some turbulence in the immediate vicinity of my life at this time that needs resolution. Upon asking the universe for guidance (HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!) awareness of Adam Grant’s newest book, Think Again was made available to me via the newsletter of another of my favorite authors, Brad Stulberg. The universe has spoken and made it clear to me that now is one of those shut up and learn situations. So… not another peep out of me until I’m done reading. If you believe the universe is speaking to you as well, I welcome you to join in. Let’s all shut up together. And learn.

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