Fear=FUEL when you say YES to it

You WILL be afraid at times. That’s a given. The question is, what will you do with this fear? As a rule of thumb for utilizing the innumerable forebodings that delight in attempting to shut down my flight, I developed the following mantra:


Fear is now your call to ACTION. Even the little things that don’t actually scare the piss out of you per se, but cause you a bit of illogical anxiety? Say yes to it. DO IT. Perceive it as a sign from the universe that you are being called to it and recognize the niggling of fear as an indicator that “I’m meant to do this” and jump in. NOT the things you don’t have peace about within and know not to participate in instinctively- always listen within when you “just don’t have peace” above all else. There is a difference between the DarkShadowVoice of fear (more about that HERE) and your inherent intuition. As you grow in moving mindfully in your daily life the two become more easily decipherable. What I’m talking about are situations and circumstances that keep popping up or showing themselves to you in a variety of ways in your life that you feel drawn to, and yet panicked by. This is the magnetic force of the universe attempting to guide you on your path. The actions that will make the most difference in your life once you accomplish them are the very things you will be most frightened of. They are revealed to you through the fear and taking action is the antidote to fear’s attempt at paralysis.

The next time fear threatens to automatically stop you in your tracks, remember that YOU are the one dictating its utilization. YOU have the power. Fear is your bitch! 😉 FACE it squarely and direct it mindfully. USE IT!! I believe as Jim did, that facing your fear is the key to your freedom. I don’t know about you, but I happen to like being free.

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