5 Word power punch

Say it with me: “I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.

Think of these words as magic beans that once planted deep in your beliefs, will assist you in growing the beanstalk that will enable you to reach heights in your life that have thus far felt insurmountable. Though the words are indeed magic, they can’t grow unless you plant them.

Your mind is fertile ground for growing thoughts. Some have the capacity to serve and nurture you while others amount to errant weeds popping up between the rows of empowered thoughts, entangling themselves forcefully in an effort to overtake your whole garden.

It’s the job of the gardener to acknowledge a weed for the menace it is and pull it out from its roots before it can infiltrate and affect the garden.

YOU are that gardener.

What you plant in your garden is your decision, as is what you will allow to grow there. This is a heady prospect to some of us, as we’ve been conditioned to believe that we have no control over our thoughts and are prisoners to the random ideas and images that appear there.

Not so.

If YOU are not in control of your thoughts, WHO is?

YOU steer YOU. PERIOD. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Situations, circumstances and people may attempt to convince you that this is not true, but if you are an adult willing and able to take full responsibility for your actions, you have the ability to control your thoughts by assuming control of your thoughts.

You are responsible for choosing your thoughts wisely.

Because you’re listening.

And you’re believing what you hear.

This is why affirmations are such a useful tool to rely on, especially if you’re not yet on a level where kindness to self (in words and actions) comes easily to you. You don’t have to believe the affirmation to say it. Understand that you’re saying it again and again and again to believe it.

Because you’re not aware that you know it yet.

But there’s a level of self within you that does.

Speak the words enough and that level of self springs into action to help light your way.

YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED to do everything you’re meant to do.

Plant it, water it, speak it, and you bring it into being.


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