5 steps to badass

  Psst...hey you. Yeah YOU- the one baking that 15th tray of bake sale cookies to replace the ones agreed to by peeps who neglected to come through with theirs. And YOU- manning that volunteer post an hour past your scheduled exit time after it becomes apparent that your relief person is a no-show. Those … Continue reading 5 steps to badass

To BE it, ACT it

I'm an actor. I probably should point out before you get the wrong idea that I haven’t actually been paid for my acting, and far be it from the world to consider anything the “real deal” unless we are being monetarily compensated as proof of said label, but once again, let me buck convention and do that very thing. In fact, I … Continue reading To BE it, ACT it

Try it: 100 Push-ups a day challenge

I know 100 sounds like a lot when you see it in print like that, especially when we're talking about push-ups, but let me assure you- it's totally doable and you're going to feel like a beast within a week of beginning. Wait- you do want to feel like a beast, right? I guess I just … Continue reading Try it: 100 Push-ups a day challenge