A Dry Run

Fully clothed, I once jumped into a friend’s swimming pool, betting that I could land squarely in the center of a floating vinyl raft, thereby eliminating my chance of actually becoming immersed in the water. Not surprisingly, I was drunk at the time (the local gala days was going on and I was in the … Continue reading A Dry Run

Alcohol is the ultimate frenemy

The answer is keg beer in a red solo cup. What do you mean, you don't even know what the question is? To what question would beer in a red solo cup not be the answer? That said, I will supply you with my actual question: what was I drinking the first time I got drunk? … Continue reading Alcohol is the ultimate frenemy

If you take away my beer

  If you take away my beer I'm going to need something else to hold onto while I'm at events where I'd ordinarily be drinking a beer, totally oblivious to the fact that the mere act of holding onto the beer, surreptitiously sipping at unregulated intervals in the presence of others who are doing the … Continue reading If you take away my beer