The BEYOND part

Fit BEYOND form- what DOES that mean? I have a multitude of definitions, but simply put, if I'm going to sum it up with attitude I'd put it like this: the understanding that while making the size and shape of your ass isn't the priority, prioritizing your entire BEING will have an effect on the … Continue reading The BEYOND part

You WILL get it

Though you may not ever find yourself trapped in a time loop like Phil Connors, you will notice that when the universe wants to teach you something, the lesson will keep showing up again and again in countless forms in your life until it becomes resolved. Don't worry about "getting it wrong" or not "getting … Continue reading You WILL get it

Birthdays are sacred

Yay, it's my birthday again! Tomorrow (Jan. 31st) is the actual day, but why wait to start celebrating when you're 56 big ones! Those who know me are not surprised that I reveal my age with as much gusto as I did when I was 10. Aging doesn't happen to scare me. For the most … Continue reading Birthdays are sacred

Want answers? SEEK them

I'm magnetically drawn to a free-spirited personality. I enjoy a free-thinking-go-ahead-and-call-me-crazy-for-going-against-the-norm-because-I-can't-NOT-go-against-the-norm individual. These are the people I most admire and learn from. Actually, that's not entirely accurate, because I believe we potentially have something to learn from everybody, but I will say that often these are people who are so familiar to me in their … Continue reading Want answers? SEEK them

Ditch these last 2 for weight loss

If you've "cleared your cupboards" of the first 3 discards on our list, you may not be feeling the same measure of relief you first felt upon learning there was no food listed among the five. You may have realized that discarding the emotional junk in your cupboards is what eventually leads to easier identification … Continue reading Ditch these last 2 for weight loss

Wishy-washy is discard #3

"And it's your own fault because you're so wishy-washy!" says an exasperated Sally to her big brother Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving after he allows Peppermint Patty to steamroll him into hosting a Thanksgiving dinner that he is incapable of delivering on, at least as far as delivering the kind of dinner she'd … Continue reading Wishy-washy is discard #3