My mission

I’m LA Holmberg, certified fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, and life coach. I’m also the proud mom of 3 remarkable human beings, one of whom has ASD. While endeavoring to become an empowered human being, partner and parent while co-navigating our family’s autism journey for the past 20+ years, as well as addressing personal challenges including addictive tendencies, disordered eating and PTSD, I acknowledged this rarely recognized fact: we ALL have special needs–individual thought processing methods that encourage or impede our progress. It’s my belief that the key to mastering ANY endeavor involves uncovering and acknowledging what yours are, then using this knowledge to positively channel your thinking in a manner that is able to utilize ALL facets of yourself to fuel you positively on your journey. I believe that the “dragons” within ourselves that we battle (negative inherent traits or behavioral issues) are not meant to be slayed, but rather acknowledged, neutralized, then utilized to SERVE us individually. We HAVE everything we need to succeed– we just need to remove the mental blocks prohibiting our access. This requires lifting- in both the figurative and literal sense. To do this, you need CAN-DO coaching to ramp up your empowered energy. That coach is YOU. My mission is to aid you in gaining access to the coach within yourself that awaits your recognition and utilization. I do this by sharing divinely given messages intended to awaken your ability in recognizing ALL life challenges and circumstances as soul workouts that allow you to BUILD your BEING by taking control of your runaway thoughts and channeling them into empowered self-talk/treatment that deconstructs the conditioned thinking blocking your energetic flow. Ready to get your mission in motion? Jump in where you’re at!

Team Homeslice

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