I often refer to the divine guidance I receive (words, ideas, leanings, insight, etc…) as having come from The Masters. These are wise guides from the spiritual realm whom I playfully consider my Board of Divine Directors (BODD). Any wisdom you may pick up from what I’m given to share here, there and everywhere 🙂 comes through me, FROM THEM. This divine wisdom is available to all who seek it and desire to open themselves to receive it. You may call it something different or consider it another level of yourself, or your internal intuition, your gut knowing- call it whatever you want. The gist is that I’m no more special than anybody else (no less special either) and guidance is available to ALL who seek it. Benefitting from divine wisdom does not require you to adhere to any particular set of beliefs or maintain a stand regarding how far you’re willing to delve into the woowoo. They simply provide all who are seeking wisdom with insight that has the potential to empower us on our journey. If something resonates with you it’s meant to. Grab it and utilize it as you are individually instructed. What does not speak to you in any manner is not meant to at the particular time you are viewing it. Perhaps it may at a later time, perhaps not. Do not complicate things for yourself. Utilize what speaks to you and leave the rest, understanding that no idea should ever feel “forced” on you. Trust your inner voice and allow yourself to be guided.


 You are already equipped with everything you need to carry out any mission that is laid on your heart. But you need to believe it FIRST! Many times without being shown any proof whatsoever! This will often require operating in the fake-it-til-you-feel-it mode, which you will eventually come to understand is less about faking as it is assuming an identity within yourself that while foreign to you in the beginning, is not actually “false”, but merely unexplored. How can it not be a part of you if you pulled it from somewhere within you? You’re merely tapping a resource within that you had not yet chosen to access. Working a muscle that had previously been neglected. Come on, I’m a fitness trainer- all workout strategy is life strategy in my eyes, so  you knew I’d have to pull that analogy in!

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