As a coach, certified elite trainer, transformation and nutrition specialist, and fellow human being, I believe there is one thing above all else that will fuel your fitness journey and that is the desire for personal development, or what I refer to as Personal Fucking Growth. Yes, I said the F word, because I want you to get this and I want you to remember it. I want you to be ready to say it to yourself proudly when you try and fail, or you try and succeed, or you were scared shitless of something but you threw yourself in and saw it through anyway. Every little step, every big step, every time you were willing to learn or try something new, become uncomfortable or embarrassed or take a chance on something- regardless of the outcome, that is Personal Fucking Growth. If you’re working on it, you’re growing. If you’re growing, you’re evolving. And that, my friend, is the goal.

When I began Fit Beyond Form, I was at a loss when explaining to people that though I am a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist, FBF was not a diet and exercise program. Certainly those elements are involved, but I couldn’t find the words to convey the magnitude of self-entirety I wanted to express. Over time, it was revealed to me that my mission- for both myself and to aid others in– was personal development; an all-encompassing mind-body-being journey to awareness and empowerment achieved by a willingness to wake up in our lives and release any limited beliefs or conditionings that have long weighed down our spirits, allowing us to open our minds and hearts to our own truths and trust that we have all we need within. This is a journey bringing about growth: Personal Fucking Growth; a soul journey. It’s why we’re here.

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