Power Steps

I’ve been on a fitness training hiatus, focusing on continued education rather than taking on clients, while I meditated on how my gifts could best be used to benefit and serve others. I asked the universe to reveal to me what type of program would encourage others to get past the fears that bring about inertia. What did I need to do? I was given a one word answer: SIMPLIFY. So I listened.

A minimalist at heart, I require no long-term commitment, opting instead to offer my services on an hourly basis that is dictated by your individual needs. One hour, ten hours- there’s no “wrong” answer to the question of what will get you headed in the direction of personal empowerment. Mine is a wellness program mindset that reflects a philosophy of simplicity and individualism-  rather than train you in what I know, I’ll be coaching you to uncover the methods and strategies, unique to you, that will empower you on your journey to a healthy body and a thriving life. I’ll guide you in taking power-infused steps in your life, both literally and figuratively, that will give your body and life the jolt you need to get unstuck. Tailored to your unique needs, this may involve anything from exercise tactics, menu planning & cooking instruction, to home management strategies and clutter elimination. Perhaps you just need an occasional walking partner- someone to set a challenging pace when the world is weighing you down and your reset button needs pressing. We walk, we talk, we strategize. Sometimes baby steps, sometimes strides, you will learn that any steps you take result in progress. My walk is not a stroll. It’s a kick-ass trek that’ll have your body longing to break into a jog, and it will leave you breathless and fired up- mentally primed to carry over into the steps you take with the rest of your life.

Power Steps. If you’re ready to take them, you’ve come to the right place.


The no bullshit zone

As a continued extension of my efforts to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, I’m taking a step back and making a renewed resolution not to censor myself in my writing. At all. I’m talking 100% throw-my-truths-out-there-for-consumption-let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may complete and utter candor. I believe outright and unmitigated honesty is the path toward toward growth and healing- our own and that of others who may find solace in our shared experiences, and therefore, I feel it’s my responsibility not to hold back. So stay tuned! It turns out I’ve got more going on than I’d previously believed…