The Secret to Lasting Change

This will be easy, but I'm going to whisper it for dramatic effect: there is no secret. Now don't run off in a huff, thinking I've misled you with my post title and you've arrived here only to waste your valuable time. I have the answer you're looking for, it's just that it's not a secret. None... Continue Reading →

When a cookie is more than a cookie

A cookie becomes more than a cookie when you decide it is more than a cookie, as with anything that you decide is more than what it actually is. You make it so by believing it is so. This favorite John Green quote sums it up beautifully: A cookie is a cookie- food. Money is money- legal tender for... Continue Reading →

Pain: BRING IT -here’s why

I'm not going to sugarcoat this, nor am I going to drag out the message because it's been laid on my heart that its delivery today is crucial to many. Therefore, we're going to simplify it down to a snack-size wisdom morsel that I want you to pack up, stick inside the pocket of your... Continue Reading →

Fueling up

I have a love of intensity and will be drawn to anything I receive a buzz from; hence my love/hate relationship with alcohol. However, this inclination was never limited to alcohol. For a person who very easily sponges up energy (an excellent endowment when the energy is vibrant, otherwise- a little lesser so…) the vast array of... Continue Reading →

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