Working In Secret

Pssst... you there. Yeah, you- the one working your ass off with no recognition and perhaps wondering why. The universe has laid it on my heart that you're due for an energy boosting reminder that you are neither forgotten nor unseen and your work is important. It was laid on my heart to re-post this … Continue reading Working In Secret

Want results? Channel Steve Rogers

  Why am I advising you to look to alter-ego Steve Rogers instead of  Captain America for motivation? Because without Steve Rogers there would be no Captain America. Steve Rogers created Captain America long before he received the dose of serum that transformed his body into the masterpiece of physical stamina that could now serve to complement the … Continue reading Want results? Channel Steve Rogers

Stick together and we can do this

9 years ago when my youngest graduated from kindergarten (and no, I can't believe it was that long ago, and yes, with my 2 eldest children graduating from college this week, I am suddenly feeling extremely verklempt, but that's a post of its own...) the theme of the program was the Robert Fulghum book All I … Continue reading Stick together and we can do this

My answer to old-age worries

I believe our last stop on this road trip of life should be one that we look forward to reaching. Therefore, I am proposing that we eliminate the old age homes of yesteryear and create a new haven for our future elderly selves: The Total Old Age Dorm: (TOAD) a senior living establishment that thinks … Continue reading My answer to old-age worries

Shut down (#pain4fuel Part2)

Not long after I wrote my last post and began using the #pain4fuel hashtag, I received a slight warning "thwack" (bear with me here- I just don't know how else to describe it) in the inner sanctum of my consciousness warning me to be ready to "put my money where my mouth is". In other … Continue reading Shut down (#pain4fuel Part2)


Back in my serial-dieting-disordered-eating days, I sometimes turned to a minimal food, 4 day crash diet. The particulars and name of the diet aren't important, but I will say that canned green beans and a small hamburger patty never tasted so good. As I became more educated in nutrition and fitness, I viewed the thought of any … Continue reading Rerouting…