Awareness… against my will

Let's cut the shit and get real. Let's really lay it out there. So much so that let's not even soften the word shit with an asterix to replace the i. And of course when I say "let's" that actually means "me" as in I'm about to cut through my own BS so I'm giving you all … Continue reading Awareness… against my will

A face that “ain’t looking through me”

"For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside, That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive I wanna find one face that ain't looking through me I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these... Badlands, you gotta live it everyday..." The Boss nails it for … Continue reading A face that “ain’t looking through me”

Stuck in comfortable

The thing about being comfortable is that it sneaks up on you, embracing you in the blanketed coziness of familiarity that tends to blur your awareness that I'm. Not. Moving. Forward. Um, sorry. I didn't seem to notice. I was justsadamn comfortable...  If you're familiar with the movie RainMan, you may remember Raymond Babbit's frenzied insistence in adhering to the comfort … Continue reading Stuck in comfortable

My son at 20, autism, and being “normal”

Bear with me because I know moms always say this, but I can't believe my little boy is 20. In picture 1 you will see my smiling, clear-eyed, normally developing and verbal 11 and a half month old. Picture 2, taken shortly after 1 year immunizations, shows my son Karl beginning to drift off in his … Continue reading My son at 20, autism, and being “normal”