Want answers? SEEK them

I'm magnetically drawn to a free-spirited personality. I enjoy a free-thinking-go-ahead-and-call-me-crazy-for-going-against-the-norm-because-I-can't-NOT-go-against-the-norm individual. These are the people I most admire and learn from. Actually, that's not entirely accurate, because I believe we potentially have something to learn from everybody, but I will say that often these are people who are so familiar to me in their … Continue reading Want answers? SEEK them

Add some holiday spice- YOUR way

Ahhhhh coffee...aka: love of my life! (* see recipe at end of post*) Years back I'd go through periods of my life where I'd attempt to give up coffee due to minding my caffeine intake or policing the whiteness of my teeth, but I'd always find ways to "cheat" and sneak it back in. One … Continue reading Add some holiday spice- YOUR way

Cold turkey is not the only way

Though cold turkey was my preferred method when giving up alcohol, this method wasn't always successful for me in other situations and it left me seeking another option. Of course there's other options! There is always another option because if you have not arrived at an option that works for you, it means it's still out there … Continue reading Cold turkey is not the only way


I really love coffee. It gives me a lift just seeing the word or looking at a picture of it, so here is today's gift to myself. 🙂