Find your personal “Holiday Spice”

I love coffee. Inside this mug is a holiday blend french roast that I mixed up myself by grinding a cinnamon stick and some whole cloves and a chunk of whole nutmeg in the coffee grinder, then adding it to my coffee. I didn't have a vanilla bean to add in, so I dotted the … Continue reading Find your personal “Holiday Spice”

Hey Starbucks- ya got trouble…

If life worked like a Musical as I've so often wished, I'd just spell it out in song like  The Music Man did. Trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "C" and that stands for CONNECTION. According to recently appointed Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson in this interview  with Fast Company editor Bob Safian, Starbucks is "a consumer brand … Continue reading Hey Starbucks- ya got trouble…

Cold turkey is not the only way

Though cold turkey was my preferred method when giving up alcohol, this method wasn't always successful for me in other situations and it left me seeking another option. Of course there's other options! There is always another option because if you have not arrived at an option that works for you, it means it's still out there … Continue reading Cold turkey is not the only way


I really love coffee. It gives me a lift just seeing the word or looking at a picture of it, so here is today's gift to myself. 🙂