Find your personal “Holiday Spice”

I love coffee. Inside this mug is a holiday blend french roast that I mixed up myself by grinding a cinnamon stick and some whole cloves and a chunk of whole nutmeg in the coffee grinder, then adding it to my coffee. I didn't have a vanilla bean to add in, so I dotted the … Continue reading Find your personal “Holiday Spice”


Holiday weight gain fears? Consider this:

Food has no power. Perhaps I should expand on that. Food has no power except the power you give it, just like everything and everyone else in life. I know, I know- -you're mulling that one over in your mind, thinking about how you and your situation are different and there are people and things in your life that … Continue reading Holiday weight gain fears? Consider this:

What if your no was a yes?

  "What you resist, persists." -Carl Jung Or as Eckhart Tolle adds to this Jung quote:  "Whatever you fight, you strengthen and what you resist, persists." Why? Because you are expending energy on whatever it is you are resisting. In fighting it, you are thinking about and considering it, and giving energy to its creation. If thoughts equal … Continue reading What if your no was a yes?

Finding your answers

Do you believe this mixture is bad or good or has power over you? If you've read my post When A Cookie Is More Than A Cookie  I hope you've been led to see it simply as food. Is it nutritious or necessary for your survival? No. It is what it is: candy. Candy exists in this world. … Continue reading Finding your answers

Spicy snack time

 I am a lover of popcorn, the real kind, popped on the stovetop in a pan with coconut oil, my favorite healthy fat and nutritional powerhouse. For those whose eating guidelines don't allow fat, fire up that air popper! Popcorn is loaded with fiber and makes an excellent snack- with or without the oil, especially if you jazz it up with some toppings like … Continue reading Spicy snack time


Back in my serial-dieting-disordered-eating days, I sometimes turned to a minimal food, 4 day crash diet. The particulars and name of the diet aren't important, but I will say that canned green beans and a small hamburger patty never tasted so good. As I became more educated in nutrition and fitness, I viewed the thought of any … Continue reading Rerouting…