Just one. Take it.

You don't have to know every detail of the route you're going to take. You don't have to have every move you'll make figured out in advance. Quit stumbling over a need for perfection, validation, and/or permission, and take the first step in faith, understanding that each additional step will be laid out as you... Continue Reading →

SOB or SAC? Your choice.

Who's "wronged" you? Perhaps you've been: (fill in your blank) mindfucked deserted failed betrayed belittled humiliated used sabotaged thrown under a bus, etc... To all the SOB's I've loved before- friends, family, lovers, etc... as well as those I didn't love, may not have even known, but have been angered, annoyed, or irritated by into... Continue Reading →

The lesson

What was the invaluable lesson I believed the universe was trying to show me that I hinted at in the last post? Recent occurences in my life had led me to begin to question my truest truths on: recognition money success validation etc... You get the gist. So a situation where a person receives nominal... Continue Reading →

YOU know

One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Phil is, "you've got to name it to claim it." This means two things to me: You can't change something within yourself that you don't acknowledge. You can't expect to get what you want if you don't even know what that something is. If you're struggling with either of these,... Continue Reading →

It’s my life- don’t you forget.

Whether it's Talk Talk or No Doubt in my ear, the reminder is simple: "It's my life- don't you forget." So many times I'd be walking along, listening to their words and thinking about all the fuckers spiritual agents of change on my journey who had failed to understand that my life was indeed my... Continue Reading →

Boundary Issues? Remember SPAM

Like the late Rodney Dangerfield, Spam does not get any respect. As far as you may be concerned, it lives its life there as just another can in your cupboard, waiting for the day when a craving for meat in your sandwich and nary a speck of it in your refrigerator forces you to broaden... Continue Reading →

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