Who You “Are”

"So...what do you do?" A friend and I were laughing one day after one of us remarked on how many times this question gets asked when attending social events or any situation where multiple conversations are occurring. Some of us don't have a normal answer. And by normal, I mean an answer expected and understood … Continue reading Who You “Are”

You already know this

Those operating and guiding others in the arenas of self-growth/self-awareness/law-of-attraction/transformation/empowerment/spiritual awareness, etc... hear these two words often: "I KNOW." And they're right, they do know. As my training advanced and my ego began gradually loosening its grip on me (trust me, this is an ONGOING 24/7 soul workout) my exasperation at hearing that they basically … Continue reading You already know this

You’re ALREADY doing it

Perhaps you have a niggling sense of a gift you possess somewhere within yourself, but you "don't know what you should do with it." Or maybe you're well aware of your gift and believe yourself to be utilizing it but you're "not doing enough with it." Or quite possibly others have surmised (and then were … Continue reading You’re ALREADY doing it