How about NOW

Why do we wait to be better at things before we put them out there? What do you have to offer that you're keeping to yourself because you're afraid it's not "good enough"? Good enough for whom? Or what? Silence your inner critic and put it out on the table for all to see. It's... Continue Reading →

Who You “Are”

"So...what do you do?" Some of us don't have a normal answer. And by normal, I mean an answer expected and understood by others. There may be times in your life when what you're "doing" can't be summed up in a one or two word answer. It's not that it's difficult to explain, it's just... Continue Reading →

Ask yourself: what am I stuck TO?

Ever notice that when you're stuck, it's often because you're holding on to something that's keeping you in place? The soul workout is to acknowledge what it is you're holding on to. and let it go. The grandly mapped out life plan that fit squarely into a desired timeline. Beliefs of what should have been.... Continue Reading →

Your Wizardry

(3 minute read) Your wizardry is your magic. And like your capacity: YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. To understand the essence of your wizardry you must first recognize that acknowledging your magic and moving in it is not the same as moving in self-importance or narcissism. It's actually the opposite. Taking command of your wizardry involves... Continue Reading →

Your Capacity

Your capacity is never in question. YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. That is to say, it IS. I can't put it any plainer than that. It IS. Not something that would be there if only you were smarter, better looking, more worldly, less worldly, a "better" person (that one's especially laughable, because who's to say what... Continue Reading →

Spicy snack time

 I am a lover of popcorn, the real kind, popped on the stovetop in a pan with coconut oil, my favorite healthy fat and nutritional powerhouse. For those whose eating guidelines don't allow fat, fire up that air popper! Popcorn is loaded with fiber and makes an excellent snack- with or without the oil, especially if you jazz it... Continue Reading →

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