Who You “Are”

"So...what do you do?" Some of us don't have a normal answer. And by normal, I mean an answer expected and understood by others. There may be times in your life when what you're "doing" can't be summed up in a one or two word answer. It's not that it's difficult to explain, it's just... Continue Reading →

You already know this

Those operating and guiding others in the arenas of self-growth/self-awareness/law-of-attraction/transformation/empowerment/spiritual awareness, etc... hear these two words often: "I KNOW." And the people who are telling them that are right- they do know. As my training advanced and my ego began gradually loosening its grip on me (trust me, this is an ONGOING 24/7 soul workout)... Continue Reading →

Ask yourself: what am I stuck TO?

Ever notice that when you're stuck, it's often because you're holding on to something that's keeping you in place? The soul workout is to acknowledge what it is you're holding on to. and let it go. The grandly mapped out life plan that fit squarely into a desired timeline. Beliefs of what should have been.... Continue Reading →

Your Wizardry

(3 minute read) Your wizardry is your magic. And like your capacity: YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. To understand the essence of your wizardry you must first recognize that acknowledging your magic and moving in it is not the same as moving in self-importance or narcissism. It's actually the opposite. Taking command of your wizardry involves... Continue Reading →

Your own BS is a wily creature

( 3 minute read) As a continued extension of my efforts to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, I'm taking a step back and making a renewed resolution to not censor myself in my writing. Or my anywhere. wow, did I really just say anywhere? oh my... At all. I'm talking 100% throw-my-truths-out-there-for-consumption-let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may complete and utter... Continue Reading →

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