Grandma Margie’s White Bread

Generally, I watch my bread intake and keep it to a minimum. Therefore, when I'm going to have some bread, I want some BREAD! This is the good stuff- the wonderful bread that I knew from my grandma's home, passed to her daughters' homes, then later to their children's homes, and then to THEIR children's... Continue Reading →

Put it all together and: SALSA!

I love salsa! Homemade salsa rates right up there for me like chili does because it satisfies on so many levels. I have been known to put salsa on everything from my eggs to a dish of cottage cheese, sometimes grossing others out in the process. Fortunately, I am not a person offended by disgust over my... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free&Vegan Banana-Nut Muffins

I'm not vegan myself, but several people near and dear to my heart are, so I prefer to create treats that we can all enjoy. I operate under the same "exclusion is an unnecessary violence" policy endorsed by Grace in Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding. Recipes are no exception. If you're not vegan, no problem! Just use... Continue Reading →

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