Keep It To Yourself

Keeping my mouth shut was is not a habit that came to me naturally, but the practice of doing so has served me immeasurably when it comes to learning boundaries, and in doing so, self-love. Shutting up is an empowering ability in that it allows you to keep part of yourself for yourself, which is only an … Continue reading Keep It To Yourself

Stuck in comfortable

The thing about being comfortable is that it sneaks up on you, embracing you in the blanketed coziness of familiarity that tends to blur your awareness that I'm. Not. Moving. Forward. Um, sorry. I didn't seem to notice. I was justsadamn comfortable...  If you're familiar with the movie RainMan, you may remember Raymond Babbit's frenzied insistence in adhering to the comfort … Continue reading Stuck in comfortable

Who’s in charge here?

Several years back, I remember telling a good friend that I admired the way he could decide how he was going to feel about things and then will himself to feel that way. (Well, I told him I admired it. Truth be told, I was torn between envy and irritation over his possession of that trait, … Continue reading Who’s in charge here?


A year has come and gone since I made my year without booze pledge. As I ponder the "so now what?" question, a particular night in July begs to take center stage in my conscious mind.  As hubby, friends, and I make our way through the crowded streets of downtown Nashville on that scorching July … Continue reading Alone