Love can take it

The no that you convince yourself is a yes due to a fear of pissing someone off, hurting feelings, or in any way rocking a boat that you waste an exhaustive amount of energy attempting to keep still and steady? SPEAK IT. People withstand being pissed. A little rocking won't sink a sturdy boat. Feelings... Continue Reading →

It’s my life- don’t you forget.

Whether it's Talk Talk or No Doubt in my ear, the reminder is simple: "It's my life- don't you forget." So many times I'd be walking along, listening to their words and thinking about all the fuckers spiritual agents of change on my journey who had failed to understand that my life was indeed my... Continue Reading →

Free yourself Friday

For today: pay attention every time the words "SUPPOSED TO" show up in your day. If you didn't have a conditioned mindset of supposed to, how might your perception differ in what you now interpret as reality? Let go of supposed to. To find out what can be.

Action = Results

Have you ever become confused about what exactly it is that you're trying to accomplish? Maybe you believe it to be one thing, when in actuality it's a completely other thing that you're not presently aware of that requires addressing before you can even GET to the jumping off spot where you can effectively tackle... Continue Reading →

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