Discarding the FIVE 2)Time frames

Left to my own devices, I'm fast. I walk fast, talk fast, and if I allow myself to become ungrounded, an unconstrained thought stream starts surging through my head so fast that I forget to breathe and may hyper myself into a frenzy. That's with minimal caffeine intake. Add in an overabundance of caffeine and … Continue reading Discarding the FIVE 2)Time frames

Discarding the FIVE 1)self-hatred

Happy New Year! If you read the last post, you're ready to get down to the business of discarding the first five. I love discarding! Discarding is the new collecting. Or should be anyway. But that's a post of its own, so we won't go there today, but suffice it to say that letting go … Continue reading Discarding the FIVE 1)self-hatred

Weight loss on your goal list? Then say goodbye to these 5 things:

2021 is nearly here (was that a collective whoop for joy I just heard?) and with that, many will begin as they begin every new year, with resolutions. I'm not one of them (I do this instead) but I'm not knocking you if you are. I love fresh starts and I absolutely love the idea … Continue reading Weight loss on your goal list? Then say goodbye to these 5 things:

Get outta PARK!

How do you get out of PARK and motivate yourself into action? By tossing feelings in the back seat and allowing faith to ride shotgun.  Feelings have their place in your world, but they tend to be shaky companions as they're often dishonest and frequently distract you from the destination you're aiming for by leading you on … Continue reading Get outta PARK!

Add some holiday spice- YOUR way

Ahhhhh coffee...aka: love of my life! (* see recipe at end of post*) Years back I'd go through periods of my life where I'd attempt to give up coffee due to minding my caffeine intake or policing the whiteness of my teeth, but I'd always find ways to "cheat" and sneak it back in. One … Continue reading Add some holiday spice- YOUR way

When a cookie is more than a cookie

A cookie becomes more than a cookie when you decide it is more than a cookie, as with anything that you decide is more than what it actually is. You make it so by believing it is so. This favorite John Green quote sums it up beautifully: A cookie is a cookie- food. Money is money- legal tender for … Continue reading When a cookie is more than a cookie