Not “there” yet? SO WHAT!!

For anybody feeling discouraged today in need of a boost, you've been led here for a reason. You are in dire need of some SPY WISDOM. This re-post is a perspective shifting reminder aimed to keep you keeping on and it's served up in a 4-word-POWER-SHOT of wisdom: I'M WORKING ON IT. I'm not a … Continue reading Not “there” yet? SO WHAT!!

Fear=FUEL when you say YES to it

You WILL be afraid at times. That's a given. The question is, what will you do with this fear? As a rule of thumb for utilizing the innumerable forebodings that delight in attempting to shut down my flight, I developed the following mantra: "IF SOMETHING SCARES THE PISS OUT OF YOU, YOU MUST SAY YES … Continue reading Fear=FUEL when you say YES to it

A February Fast

As we usher February out the door, consider purging your life of these 5 disempowering behaviors: REQUIRING understanding from others. The key to not caring what others think of you is to give yourself what you need. Give yourself understanding by believing in yourself and being willing to stand in the truth of that self-belief regardless … Continue reading A February Fast

The BEYOND part

Fit BEYOND form- what DOES that mean? I have a multitude of definitions, but simply put, if I'm going to sum it up with attitude I'd put it like this: the understanding that while making the size and shape of your ass isn't the priority, prioritizing your entire BEING will have an effect on the … Continue reading The BEYOND part

Ditch these last 2 for weight loss

If you've "cleared your cupboards" of the first 3 discards on our list, you may not be feeling the same measure of relief you first felt upon learning there was no food listed among the five. You may have realized that discarding the emotional junk in your cupboards is what eventually leads to easier identification … Continue reading Ditch these last 2 for weight loss

Discarding the FIVE 2)Time frames

Left to my own devices, I'm fast. I walk fast, talk fast, and if I allow myself to become ungrounded, an unconstrained thought stream starts surging through my head so fast that I forget to breathe and may hyper myself into a frenzy. That's with minimal caffeine intake. Add in an overabundance of caffeine and … Continue reading Discarding the FIVE 2)Time frames