Got barriers?

"One must put up barriers to keep oneself intact." (Neil Peart, Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson) I couldn't tell you how many times in 1981 you would have found my buddies and I belting out these familiar words from my favorite Rush song; 'Limelight'. Neil Peart told stories with his songs, the messages of which still ring … Continue reading Got barriers?

Saying no out of love vs. yes out of fear

Years ago I watched an episode of The Suze Orman Show  that was about women feeling their power. "Are you a powerful woman?" Suze would ask each caller as she took their question. "um, I thought I was." "um, well, um, I don't know." "um, I think so." To which Suze finally made a caller ask her the same … Continue reading Saying no out of love vs. yes out of fear


Back in my serial-dieting-disordered-eating days, I sometimes turned to a minimal food, 4 day crash diet. The particulars and name of the diet aren't important, but I will say that canned green beans and a small hamburger patty never tasted so good. As I became more educated in nutrition and fitness, I viewed the thought of any … Continue reading Rerouting…

5 steps to badass

  Psst...hey you. Yeah YOU- the one baking that 15th tray of bake sale cookies to replace the ones agreed to by peeps who neglected to come through with theirs. And YOU- manning that volunteer post an hour past your scheduled exit time after it becomes apparent that your relief person is a no-show. Those … Continue reading 5 steps to badass

Valentine’s Day already?

*This is a post I wrote 10 years ago for my first blog, Saucy40Mom. The best thing about writing your stories down is that in the re-reading, they allow you to time travel back to various places in your evolvement and chuckle gratefully that you're not where you were then. In 10 years I've done … Continue reading Valentine’s Day already?

Stuck in PARK?

How do you get out of PARK and motivate yourself into action? By tossing feelings in the back seat and allowing faith to ride shotgun.  Feelings have their place in your world, but they tend to be shaky companions in that they're often dishonest and will frequently distract you from the destination you're aiming for by leading you … Continue reading Stuck in PARK?