CockyShit-head is a superpower

So all this time you believed that being considered a cockyshithead (CSH) was an insult? Guess again! Whether it be movie characters like Katharine Parker  and Zack Mayo or real-life individuals from my own actual life experience, CSHs are a tremendous source of fascination for me.                                                                                                                             Oh how I wish I could list the names of my most highly revered real-life CSHs here,  highlighted with Wikipedia-type compilations ( perhaps?) that you could click on! I would love to go into expressive detail about each of them so that you too could benefit from their CSH wizardry as I have. However, I realize this would not be prudent for several reasons… 😉

It’s important to note that the cocky shitheads I admire are not solely cocky shitheads. Did I lose you on that? What I’m saying is, like any other superpower, a gift of cockyshitheadedness can be used for the greater good of humanity, or as  Working Girl character Katharine Parker illustrates, can become nothing more than a self-seeking vehicle of personal fulfillment.


If this was where Katharine began and ended, I won’t dispute what she’s telling Tess. I’m not saying she’s not arrogant or snobbishly high brow or that she’s a person I’d want in my inner circle, but her underlying mentality of “YOU make it happen” sustained by an unwavering belief in self are traits that Tess can apply to her own mindset and benefit  from. BUT unfortunately, Katharine happens to go the route of the dark side with her gift, using her self-assuredness as fuel to aid her in cheating, lying, and manipulation. It’s this type of behavior that gives cockyshitheadedness a bad name. And that’s a shame. Because there’s so much more. SO MUCH MORE… Which brings me to Zack Mayo. Get me analyzing Zack Mayo and we may be here all day- such is my love for him- which then also speaks volumes about me should somebody choose to probe deeper into my psyche… but let’s leave that for another day. 😉 

Zack Mayo is a CSH to the nth degree. It’s this CSH gift that allowed him to not only survive his upbringing, or more precisely, lack of upbringing, but also enabled his Spirit to dream a bigger life for himself than the one that logic and conditioned thinking would dictate. In a world where his liabilities gave others a reason to knock him down, he would draw from its power to keep him upright. He would drown out the voices of the external naysayers by turning up its volume internally to aid him in his endeavors. Then there’s the flipside… On the other side of CSH is a hard shell of protective ME-ness and all the self-serving, often fear-based, traits that accompany it. Learning to utilize our CSH as a superpower requires allowing ourselves to be empowered by the CSH gift with a willingness to acquiesce to vulnerability and in doing so, leave that shell behind in order to be led by faith toward a higher calling. One of my most favorite scenes illustrates this mindshift beautifully:

I’m drawn to people who know their own minds and don’t feel the need to apologize for it. I’m often in complete awe of them. Then again, they also sometimes irritate the hell out of me. Which, as I’ve found out on my journey, is precisely the point. Any type of irritant is an eye-opener from the universe encouraging us to take another look at what we’re being shown without judgement. When I’ve been irritated over someone else’s CSHeadedness, I’ve come to realize that it was never actually due to their actions or their boldness in using their gift, but rather, over my own hesitation in using my own.

As with any superpower, you must learn to how use it before it can be effective. Being a CSH will serve those who are tenacious in mastering control over its mindless whims, thereby spurring themselves and others forward with visions and ideas not contained within the confining box of our human scope. So isn’t it time we got over ourselves and got our cockyshithead on?



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