Does Drunk=Wasted?

If you're a reader who wants to get to the meat of the matter without wading through the added words it may require for me to dissect my abstract observations and mystical mind wanderings in order to arrive at my conclusion, I'm going to answer that question. After all, I have spent the last 30 … Continue reading Does Drunk=Wasted?

Too much

I used to have this picture in my head of someone with a drinking "problem" as falling down in an alley. And they were dirty; perhaps with torn and disheveled clothing. And most likely it was raining. Yes, it was absolutely wet and dark. And as I said, there was that alley. Therefore, during eleventh … Continue reading Too much

A Dry Run

Fully clothed, I once jumped into a friend’s swimming pool, betting that I could land squarely in the center of a floating vinyl raft, thereby eliminating my chance of actually becoming immersed in the water. Not surprisingly, I was drunk at the time (the local gala days was going on and I was in the … Continue reading A Dry Run

Stop waiting for the road to rise

Of course we'd like the road to rise and the sun to shine on our peep's as well as our own faces. And hell yeah- wind on my back, you say? Count me in! But life doesn't work like that. The road does not rise up for you, or anybody else for that matter. In other words, … Continue reading Stop waiting for the road to rise

Fueling up

I have a love of intensity and will be drawn to anything I receive a buzz from; hence my love/hate relationship with alcohol. However, this inclination was never limited to alcohol. For a person who very easily sponges up energy (an excellent endowment when the energy is vibrant, otherwise- a little lesser so…) the vast array of … Continue reading Fueling up

out of the sauce

I love time travel stories and sci-fi in general, and have a tendency when looking at old pictures to imagine the present-time me arriving at the place that past-time me is and giving them a heads-up about what’s around the corner. “Lisa, don’t do this, that, and definitely not THAT!” Then again, as any good sci-fi fan … Continue reading out of the sauce