5 word POWER mantra

I recently confided to a close friend that one of the main reasons for my decision to stop drinking was the realization that it went against the very foundation of my biggest core belief. That belief being the 5 word POWER mantra I’d like you to repeat with me: “I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.” It’s my, as Oprah likes to say: “what I know for SURE.” And yes, I am THAT sure of it. Think of these words as the “magic beans” you need to grow the beanstalk that will empower you to reach heights in your life that have thus far felt insurmountable. While the words are indeed magic, they can’t grow unless you plant them.

Your mind is fertile ground for growing thoughts. Some of these thoughts have the capacity to serve and nurture you, while others should be seen as errant “weeds” that pop up between the rows of empowered thoughts, sometimes entangling themselves so forcefully that they threaten to overtake your whole garden. It is the job of the gardener to acknowledge a weed for the menace it is and pull it out from its roots before it can infiltrate and affect the garden. As always, YOU are the gardener. What you plant in your garden is your decision, as is what you will allow to grow there. This is a heady prospect to some of us, as we’ve been conditioned to believe that we have no control over our thoughts; that we are prisoners to the random ideas and images that appear there. If this has been your belief up until now, I urge you to press the deconstruct button on that belief so that you can take a fresh look at it in its disassembled state. Broken down, it amounts to “I am not in control of my thoughts.” Okay. That’s the belief. I get it. But the thing is, if YOU are not in control of your thoughts, WHO is?

YOU steer YOU. PERIOD. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Situations, circumstances and people may attempt to convince you that this is not true, but if you are an adult willing and able to take full responsibility for your actions, not requiring care or supervision from another person in order to live independently, then YOU steer YOU. That’s a bottom line truth. If you’re with me on this, you can now grasp that only YOU are responsible for your thoughts. Knowing this, you will come to understand as sole “gardener” the importance of being mindful about what seeds you’re planting in your garden.

Which brings me back to our POWER mantra of “I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.” In my own case, it was laid upon my heart that if I do indeed believe that within me lies everything I need to achieve all that I am surely meant to, then that also assures me that I have no need to keep looking outside myself for means of “escape” when confronted by ANY factors that show their faces trying to shake me from that belief. Any thoughts of powerlessness that could be relieved by exterior means were nothing more than weeds that needed to be jerked from their roots and discarded so that I could fully comprehend that when confronted with fear, pain, doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, etc… turning to anything outside myself to ‘see me through’, ‘take the edge off’, ‘make it all better’, etc… disallows me from engaging and working the muscles of what’s WITHIN ME, further causing these muscles to shrink and atrophy, rather than allowing them every ample opportunity to be bolstered, built up and more readily accessed the next time. And the next. And the next after that. Because I can assure you, the “next times” will keep coming. This is soul training! Those “next times” are not happening TO you, they’re happening FOR you to give you a chance to train and strengthen every muscle you need for your journey. I can assure you that you came here already equipped with EVERY muscle you need to see it through, but choosing to strengthen and access them is up to you.

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