Comparing is a waste of energy

If you’re struggling with the concept of: “I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED” it may be due to our human tendency to compare what we have in relation to what this, that, or the next person has. We take a look, get out our internal measuring tape or scale and start “working the numbers”. We unconsciously take in everything from physical looks to career and monetary net worth to intelligence and education, to upbringing and background, etc… you get the gist- and we rate ourselves according to how we measure up in comparison to what they have. This is where we become blocked. The thought we need to deconstruct in this scenario is the belief that what another has is the reason we don’t have what we don’t. Hit the deconstruct button now and replace it with this truth: Comparison is a useless waste of energy. What I need for my mission is individual to me.

Comparison is an area that I have needed much soul training in. Blessedly, the Masters provided me with a picture (I often don’t “get” things until I’m shown with a picture or a metaphor) regarding comparison that has helped me immensely, and it’s this: Think of life as a giant pot-luck dinner. Some people are meant to bring the appetizers. Others are meant to bring beverages, side dishes, main dishes, desserts, etc… And let’s not forget tableware: cups, plates, utensils, and napkins. If my mission as part of this potluck is to bring potato salad, then the ingredients I’ve been given to make potato salad are not going to be the same as the person next to me whose mission is to bring cookies. If I’m eyeballing his chocolate chips and throwing up my hands in self-pity and helplessness because he has chocolate chips and I don’t, and I cease to complete my mission because of it, who will make the potato salad? That’s right- he was given what he needed for his mission, I was given what I needed. The ingredients are meant to be different because our outcomes were intended to be individually significant. Maintaining this individuality is what allows us to fully contribute to the collective goal: in this story, the pot-luck. In reality, humanity.

Moving in the faith that you’ve been given all that you need requires understanding that YOUR needs can’t be based on what “ingredients” you believe others have been given. You must dig deeper into your relationship with self to begin taking the steps that will uncover what your mission is. In taking these steps you will ultimately recognize that your missions will actually be varied and multiple; each one a stepping stone to the next area of enlightenment that takes you to the next and the next after that. But don’t trouble your mind attempting to see too far down the road- just step mindfully with each small step you take. Your gifts are plentiful for this journey and you’ll be given every ingredient you need for your contribution to the potluck.

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