Fueling up

I have a love of intensity and will be drawn to anything I receive a buzz from; hence my love/hate relationship with alcohol. However, this inclination was never limited to alcohol. For a person who very easily sponges up energy (an excellent endowment when the energy is vibrant, otherwise- a little lesser so…) the vast array of buzzes out there, limitless in form, lurking silently and waiting to pounce when one least suspects it, can be overwhelming. Fortunately, I have been shown that navigating around this potential storm and any other that you encounter simply requires one action on your behalf: You must become the Captain of your own ship. Savvy?

captain jack sparrow


Becoming the Captain of your ship requires you to acknowledge your tendencies, temptations, and weaknesses, and steer your behavior in the direction that will bring you to your desired destination in a non-catastrophic manner. YOU are in charge. In my case, that meant acknowledging my need for intensity and excitement (my own and that which I am able to incite in others) and indulge it in ways that were not detrimental to anybody’s optimal daily status quo. In my case, this meant I would no longer get drunk and flash my breasts or ass for friends, no matter how intoxicating it was to me or how entertaining the drunken lot of us found it. Considering I’m buzzed on one beer and quite drunk on two, at which point the unnecessary ones that came after always seemed like a good idea, this never left me a lot of leeway. Remember the movie Blind Date with Kim Basinger? Yeah. I never was good at drinking either. But I also knew I was no quitter 😉

blind date

But that was then and this is now, and since beating up on oneself is an energy-zapping exercise in futility, there is never a good reason to do it. Yes, you heard me right- I said never. Instead, all focus is applied to what I’m working on, which happens to be finding fuel that keeps me buzzing without compromising my mission. There are more constructive forms of fuel out there than you can imagine, but we’ll start with my favorite: music. Build yourself a playlist and find your story in it. I guarantee it will speak to you. Crank it up and run, walk (I refer to this as my power trek), lift, dance, jump, crawl- anything!!! It’ll get your heart pounding and give you that buzz you’re looking for. That one you used to know before you got older, forgot what you once knew and let yourself become overrun with joyless distractions. Yep, alcohol was merely a joyless distraction- a shiny package with a pretty bow that once unwrapped turned out to be nothing more than an empty box. Music, however, is the real deal Allow the creative genius of musical artists help you find your story and let the music fuel you. It’s a buzz that won’t leave you running on empty later.

To get you started, I’m posting my newest. It’s called Unbreakable. Listen to the tunes and you’ll feel why. I love a good playlist!



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