Back in my serial-dieting-disordered-eating days, I sometimes turned to a minimal food, 4 day crash diet. The particulars and name of the diet aren’t important, but I will say that canned green beans and a small hamburger patty never tasted so good. As I became more educated in nutrition and fitness, I viewed the thought of any “diet” with scorn due to my fear of returning to my old ways, and have made it clear that I don’t diet myself and I won’t encourage others to do so either. I perceived diets as modes of deprivation and I refused to buy into what I saw as a diet mentality. But as is often the case, we move along on our journey receiving additional information that alters the way we see the big picture. And much like the way our iphone course corrects when we make a wrong turn and advises of an alternate direction, we become rerouted, introducing us to a whole new set of scenery.

Everybody will find themselves rerouted at one point or another. I could say I was rerouted due to my son’s autism, but as I grow, I understand that it was more a rerouting brought about by becoming a parent in general, due to the sometimes presumed powerlessness of the knowledge that a piece of my heart in the form of a person is out there wandering around in a scary world that I must protect it from. Becoming a parent might have been the first time that you realized that though you may have thought you had a plan, it may not have been the universe’s plan. REROUTING… 

We find ourselves consistently rerouted as we persist in continuing our education. Additional avenues become available to us as we learn and grow in comprehension and gain access to additional information. REROUTING…

We age and our bodies are changing (need I say more?) REROUTING…

If you are learning, you are evolving. This evolution requires frequent rerouting. As a person who believes we hold our own key to healing our bodies and hearts and minds for that matter… information on how to maximize our potential in doing so is what I fill my head with. Daily. In seeking it, it becomes available to me, manifesting in books, lectures, programs, conversations, situations, etc… Why? Because I ask for it and open myself up to it. Information is there for all who choose to do the same.

 Luke 11:9 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Also:  “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” (this quote has been attributed to many possible sources).

In being immersed in this information, my perception of diets has changed and I am now able to see the tremendous effect that what we eat and drink has on our bodies and have a new respect for the power of diet. A diagnosis of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc… needn’t be perceived as the end of your road when you truly grasp that what you eat and drink has the power to aid in your healing. Understanding this reality is essential in making mindful choices in regard to your health.

There is not one optimal path for everybody, which is the reason that though my posts may each have different topics, the bottom-line message is always the same: listen to what YOU know within! Your higher self always has the answers, but you must tune in to hear them. And even more difficult than that, you must be bold enough to move forward in this knowing even when nobody else understands. That means adhering to or perhaps not adhering to a particular method of diet and healing just because everyone else thinks it’s the best possible solution. There is NO best possible solution. There are many solutions and finding yours is between YOU and you.

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