You already know this

Those operating and guiding others in the arenas of self-growth/self-awareness/law-of-attraction/transformation/empowerment/spiritual awareness, etc... hear these two words often: "I KNOW." And the people who are telling them that are right- they do know. As my training advanced and my ego began gradually loosening its grip on me (trust me, this is an ONGOING 24/7 soul workout)... Continue Reading →

Your own BS is a wily creature

( 3 minute read) As a continued extension of my efforts to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, I'm taking a step back and making a renewed resolution to not censor myself in my writing. Or my anywhere. wow, did I really just say anywhere? oh my... At all. I'm talking 100% throw-my-truths-out-there-for-consumption-let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may complete and utter... Continue Reading →

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