You already know this

Those operating and guiding others in the arenas of self-growth/self-awareness/law-of-attraction/transformation/empowerment/spiritual awareness, etc… hear these two words often:


And the people who are telling them that are right- they do know.

As my training advanced and my ego began gradually loosening its grip on me (trust me, this is an ONGOING 24/7 soul workout) my exasperation at hearing that they basically already knew everything I was sharing was replaced with the crucial understanding that, wait, they knew it!

They. KNEW. It.


It was revealed to me that when something resonates with each of us, it’s because a level of ourselves recognizes it. Sometimes it’s a light awareness, other times a brick to the head. We are being reminded of something that somewhere within on some level we already know.

And that’s huge.

Because it’s reinforcement of our capacity. Just because we’re not yet fully aware of the depth of our levels doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

They do. And they often go out on a limb to get our attention.

That hair standing up on the back of your neck. The chill down your spine. The quickening of your heartbeat. That niggling sense that, hey- I already know this.

It’s your KNOWING.

The knowing that is between you and YOU.

And I was reminded once again of my role and the role of others like me. It’s not to tell you what you don’t know due to some misguided belief that we somehow know “more” and we’re meant to drive it home to others.

That is not ANYBODY’S role.

In truth, we all know differently. And it’s these differences that are intended to aid one another on each of our unique journeys by sharing what we’re given in whatever form or manner we’ve been divinely gifted to do so, reminding one another of that which we already know.

So YES- you ALREADY know. As I mentioned before, the magic is in your bones.

The reminders are so we can remember and utilize all that resonates, gradually leading us through and to the depths of our capacity.


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