Your Wizardry

(3 minute read)

Your wizardry is your magic. And like your capacity:


To understand the essence of your wizardry you must first recognize that acknowledging your magic and moving in it is not the same as moving in self-importance or narcissism.

It’s actually the opposite.

Taking command of your wizardry involves dying to the level of self that struggles with seeing beyond its immediate self. You know the one- that identity we’ve created for the world. The self that presents itself as a character comprised of what we do and what we have and how it looks.

That ain’t you. It’s merely a surface level of you. It’s the part that often trips us up or gets us stuck because it’s unrelenting in its pursuit for control, a control maintained by being a voice in our head that instills doubts of our capacity and streams constant reminders that we aren’t enough on an endless loop, all in an effort to prevent us from loving ourselves. And when we are operating in a realm of what it looks or feels like rather than a level of what it IS, we tend to believe what it’s telling us.

And we allow it to immobilize our magic. Because we’re now operating in our heads, being controlled by voices in our mind, in the realm of appearance-based momentum rather than the wizardry in our souls. Or, as Imagine Dragons puts it: (which I happen to love) MAGIC IN MY BONES.

Magic is in your bones and there’s a direct path to get to it:


The only way we die to self is to submit to complete love of self. EVERY facet of self: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hesitate to use these labels because every facet we have is there for potential utilization, making every facet “good” in that sense, but I do so here for clarification of your understanding that:


It’s there within you for your utilization. If it is something that doesn’t serve you or has the potential to harm yourself or others, it simply is not being utilized optimally or is something you don’t yet understand you have ultimate power over. Every beast within you has the capacity to serve you or it wouldn’t be there.


There is no muscle on your physical body that fully develops after one workout and ceases to require daily work to strengthen it.

It is the same with your soul muscles.

And just as strengthening your physical body requires continuous work to aid in its development, so too does your spiritual self.

Learning to love yourself is a soul workout of challenging proportions.

But the muscles are already in place.

Eager to train.

Waiting for you to work them.

If you’ve taken that first step and shown up fully with an open mind and an open hearted willingness to be present, you’ve begun.

Listen. Let it unfold. It’s already in motion.

Allow the momentum of the divine undercurrent to aid in your flow, understanding that there is no timeline. You’ll arrive where and when you’re meant to at exactly the moment you are intended to.

Get out of your mind. Let go of the human desire for control over that which cannot be controlled.

We’ve all got magic in our bones. And we’re going to work together to help one another realize it.


Let the worldwide wizardry begin…

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